Monoblock valves

A1-Hydraulics GmbH OnlineShopDirectional valves with flow from 45 to 150 l/min.

Hydrocontrol's monoblock valve range is one of the widest and most complete in the whole industry.
New projects, innovations and technical improvement of the entire production range are costantly being added.

M45HC-M45 D10HC-D10

M50HC-M50 TR55HC-TR55

Monoblock valves specifically designed for applications

SK6 Skid Steer Loaders HC-SK6 90 l/min

M25 Wheeled Loaders HC-M25 350 l/min

FL50 Forklifts HC-FL50 50l/min

BV50 Boom Mowers HC-BV50 P1=50 l/min P2 = 150 l/min

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